Marriage Proposal Speech Sample

marriage proposal speech sample

Father of the Bride Wedding Speech Tips With Example

The father of the bride wedding speech is the most waited for speech in any wedding occasion. After all, it him who have the privilege of spending more time with the daughter and hence he is more likely to know the joys and pains of loosing of wedding her off. Most wedding parties know only this too well, and therefore awaits that speech with batted breath. Ideally, the father of the bride wedding speech should be in a conversationally tone, much more like a wedding ceremony speech made off head.

As the first person to speak, and assuming that he is the one who is catering for the wedding costs, the father of the bride wedding speech should incorporate a welcoming message to the guests. At this point the brides father can acknowledge people present in the wedding like the grooms parents, specific family members and other invited guests. The second section in the short wedding speech should be geared at thanking everyone present for attending the wedding of the daughter. Remember that the father of the bride wedding speech should make every one present to feel appreciated for sparing time for the wedding.

Further, the father of the bride wedding speech should give people in attendance a glimpse of the daughter’s life. Here, he can tell the whole life story about the brides childhood days, her special features and contribution to their family and all the good things that the daughter is worth. Because the wedding is a joyous occasion, the wedding ceremony speech should be written in a lighthearted manner. The father of the bride wedding speech should also include details of the man marrying the daughter. This not only consoles the daughter in knowing that the father actually took time to know her husband, but also serves to let the groom know that the bride’s family appreciates him. At this point, the father can make special references to the wedding vows.

The final section in the father of the bride wedding speech should comprise him proposing a toast for the wedding couple. To make this memorable, the speech can incorporate love quotes. Ideally, the father of the bride wedding speech should take 3-5 minutes. This will make time for other short wedding speeches. An example of a wedding speech is:

“Ladies and gentlemen, as the father of the bride I have the pleasure to welcome you to my daughters wedding. Thank you all for making time to come. Who would have thought that my little girl would mature so fast, and that within 30 years I would still want to hang around her and enjoy watching seeing her discovering her way in life? To bad, that she has discovered a man who is getting her away from me. Naturally as the dad, I want to have her around forever, but XX, I know you are happy with YY now, and that makes me even happier. I want the couple to know that I’m still working to make my marriage better so you should do the same, never at one time give up on each other, your mother not giving up on me and me not giving up on her is what has made our marriage last this far. They told me not to give a lengthy wedding ceremony speech, so I beg to leave it at that. Finally, I propose this toast for my beautiful daughter and her husband.”

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